Two gold medals for Michałów in this year's Polish Nationals! FLORISSIMA won in the Yearling Fillies Championship, while WIEŻA MOCY was chosen Senior Champion Mare.

Further medals were delivered by: POINTER (silver in the Yearling Colts Championship), EL BELLISIMA (silver in the Junior Mares Championship) and ZIGI ZARA ( bronze in the Senior Mares Championship). And additional Top Fives from: ESSELITA (Yearling Fillies Championship), PROTEKCJA (Junior Mares Championship), EMANDORISSA (Senior Mares Championship) and ZŁOTY MEDAL (Senior Stallions Championship).

EL BELLISIMA also received the Highest Scored Mare award and Best Mover award. PROTEKCJA was awarded for Best Head, while Michałów Stud was chosen as Best Breeder of the Show!


Below are the results of our horses in their individual classes:


Yearling colts (class 4B)

1st POINTER (Sahm El Arab - Palanga/Ekstern)


Two year old colts (class 5)

4th ERMITAGE (QR Marc - Emandoria/Gazal Al Shaqab)


Stallions 4-6 years old (class 10)

4th DASTAN (Equator - Dama Pik/Enzo)


Stallions 7 years old and above (class 11)

2nd ZŁOTY MEDAL (QR Marc - Złota Orda/Pesal)

5th EMPIRE (Enzo - Emira/Laheeb)


Yearling fillies (class 1B)

1st FLORISSIMA (Sahm El Arab - Forgissima/Vitorio TO)

3rd ESSELITA (Złoty Medal - Ekliptyka/Ekstern)


Two year old fillies (class 2B)

1st EL BELLISIMA (Ascot DD - Ekliptyka/Ekstern)

2nd PROTEKCJA (Ekstern - Pentra/Poganin)


Three year old fillies (class 3)

2nd PARANTELLA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Palanga/Ekstern)

5th EMDRONA (Medalion - Elgora/Poganin)


Mares 4-6 years old (class 7A)

1st ZIGI ZARA (Shanghai EA - Zigi Zana/QR Marc)


Mares 4-6 years old (class 7B)

3rd PARMANIA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Parmana/Al Maraam)


Mares 7-10 years old (class 8A)

1st EMANDORISSA (Abha Qatar - Emanda/Ecaho)


Mares 7-10 years old (class 8B)

1st WIEŻA MOCY (QR Marc - Wieża Marzeń/Ekstern)

3rd EL MEDIARA (Eryks - El Emeera/Ekstern)

5th ZIGI ZANA (QR Marc - Zagrobla/Monogramm)


Mares 11 years old and above (class 9)

3rd LAWINIA (Ekstern - Luanda/Emigrant)