Today during the Arabian horse show in Prague the Michałów-bred EMIRIONA (Grafik - Emmona/Monogramm) was awarded the bronze medal for senior mares in both the Inter Cup championship and the European Cup championship. The mare DRAGA (El Nabila B - Draga/Eldon) placed fourth in the 10 year old and above mares class, while the daughter of kl. ELGIRIA (Grandorr - Elma/Probat) - KALIPSO SETTIMOCIELO - won the class of 7-9 year old mares.

The 2019 racing season at the Partynice Race Track in Wrocław took off on May 5th. In a race over 1400 m for 3 year old horses ECHRA (Dostatok - Echira/KA Czubuthan) placed second, while TRACJA (Ontario HF - Teneryfa/Poganin) came in fifth.

During the second race day in Wrocław (May 12th) Michałów horses took part in three races. In the race for 3yo horses of Polish breeding over 1600 m victorious was DEBBY (Ontario HF - Demeter/Wojsław), with ECHTOR (Dostatok - Echmea/Druid) second. In the next race (Arabian-type for 3yo filies) third placed PIĘKNA PANNA (Empire - Piękna Dama/Pegasu) and FONARYSA (Vitorio TO - Forlanda/Eden C) fifth. In the last race of teh day (Arabian-type for 3yo old horses) DIANORA (Vitorio TO - Diara/Eryks) was third and WORONIN (Vitorio TO - Wilda/Gazal Al Shaqab) fourth.

During the Arabian horse show in Marina di Pietrasanta held on the 11-12th of May the Michałów-bred DŻAKARTA (Piruet - Dombra/Eldon) won the 10 year old and above mares class.

The Tulip Cup held on May 4-5th in the Netherlands unanimously awarded PIACENZA (QR Marc - Primawera/Emigrant) with the title of Senior Gold Champion Mare. The stallion WOJ (Empire - Waranga/QR Marc) placed 4th in the senior male championships, to which he qualified from second place in class.

At the age of 28 years old EMIGRANT (Ararat - Emigrantka/Eukaliptus) passed away at his home in Valley Oak Arabians (USA). Twice Polish National Reserve Champion Stallion, All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Stallion, European Champion Stallion, Polish National Senior Champion Stallion, Bełżyce Reserve Champion and Falborek Champion Stallion. The best son of Polish National Champion Stallion ARARAT and Polish National & European Champion Mare EMIGRANTKA. Emigrant's best son used in Polish breeding is GASPAR (out of Gaskonia/Probat) - Polish National Junior & Senior Champion Stallion.

photo from Valley Oak Arabians website

Michałów Stud invites for the Spring Breeding Inspection, which will take place on May 9th at 9:00 am.

Michałów Stud announces a tender for Arabian horses. The deadline for offers is May 6th, 2019

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During the EAHS National Championship held on the 26-29th of March in Abu Dhabi several produce of Michałów-bred horses were seen performing. In the two year old fillies class victorious was Zyn Yas (AE), daughter of Michałów's Larando (QR Marc - Laranda/Ekstern). Fifth in the three year old fillies class was Face of Yas (AE), daughter of Michałow's Wieża Snów (Emigrant - Wieża Babel/Laheeb). Third and fifth in the 4 year old and above mares class were Leen MS (AE), daughter of Michałów parents Esparto and Formina by Laheeb and D Marami (AE), daughter of Embella (Monogramm - Emanacja/Eukaliptus). Fourth place in the C series of the yearling colts class went to Rakan Alyah (AE), son of Michałów's Ellua (Al Maraam - Ellanda/Wojsław), while in the D series second was the son of Nona (Esparto - Norma/Gazal Al Shaqab), Kanz Al Maydan (AE). Fourth place in the two year old colts class went to SK Ward (AE), son of El Saghira (Galba - Emira/Laheeb), while victorious in the three year old colts class was Sarab Albidayer (AE), grandson of Eskalopka (Monogramm - Egzotyka/Probat), who in the finals won the Junior Bronze Champion Stallion title.

Today was the last day of the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship (21-23.03.2019). The Michałów-bred PROSARIA (Kabsztad - Prosna/Grafik) placed second in the 7-9 year old mares class. The same place in teh 7-9 year old stallions class was secured by Michałów's LARANDO (QR Marc - Laranda/Ekstern), who placed fifth in the senior championships.

Other Michałów accents include a second place in the 10 year old and above mare class and fourth place in the finals for SALWA AL ZOBAIR (AE), daughter of Michałów's Esklawa (Eukaliptus - Ekstaza/Celebes), a class win in the two year olds class and a junior bronze champion stallion medal for ADMIRAAL (GB), grandson of Emandoria (Gazal Al Shaqab - Emanda/Ecaho) and a class win and junior gold champion stallion medal for AJ KAFU (AE), grandson of Kwestura (Monogramm - Kwesta/Pesennik).

During the 3rd International Arabian Horse Show (B) held during the 14-16th of March, 2019 the year old son of Michałów's ZANA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Zuzanna/Wojsław) - ZAJER ALSAYED (SA) - won his class and won the Yearling Bronze Champion title in the finals.

An Arabian horse sale will be held at Michałów Stud on March 30th, 2019.

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